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Chemical Treatments Consultation Form

- You could download the form from the bottom of this page -

Dear Client,

It is our sincerest hope to serve you with the best hair care services you have received. Not only do we want you to be happy with today's visit but we also want to build a long-lasting relationship with you. In order to do so, we would like to learn more about you, your hair care needs and your preferences. Please take a moment to answer the questions below as completely and as accurately as possible.

This questionnaire concerns about history of your hair. It is essential that you provide information as accurate as possible in order for us to judge what chemical process would be most suited for your hair. Your hair history will be taken into an account for how the procedure will be conducted. Failing to provide the complete and correct information may result in an unsatisfactory outcome and should this occur, due to the lack of information provided, or our stylists being wrongly informed at the consulting stage before the treatment, Shunji Hair & Make-up shall take no responsibility for the results under any circumstances.

We advise all clients not to wet their hair at least 48 hours after all chemical services (COLOUR/ANY PERMING) performed to your hair, not to bend or tie your hair with hair bands/clips, not to receive any other chemical service for at least 10 days. Please note that if it is apparent that you have washed or wet your hair within 48 hours despite our advice, or received any other chemical service within the 10 days, we will not take any responsibility for the results. We don't accept any claim for a refund or re-do the process if you informed us after 10 days had passed from the date you have had a chemical service (COLOUR/ANY PERMING) done even if there were some problem to your hair.


In order to secure your appointment, we are asking for £100 deposit (Straightening/Colour with Bleach) / £50 deposit (Digital Perm) to be paid at the time of the booking. We require at least 24 hours prior notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment. The deposit may be paid by Credit Card over our online booking system                      or at the salon by Credit Card, or Cash. The deposit is then held until your booking as a credit towards the appointment. If a cancellation is made before the 24 hours’ notice, the deposit will be refunded or carried on to the next appointment. If a cancellation is made after the 24 hours’ notice period, the deposit will be forfeited as a late cancellation fee. If you simply do not show up to a booked appointment, the deposit will be also forfeited as a no- show fee and you may not be able to make any future appointments without paying in FULL at the time of your booking.

Thank you and we look forward to building a "beautiful" relationship!

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